A clear brand strategy is essential to engage your audiences

Social Insights launched over 15 years ago. Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to work closely with various organisations at various stages of ‘brand life,’ from start-ups to re-launches and across all media.

We’ve delivered strategic brand, marketing and digital solutions for diverse organisations across the private sector and for NFPs and rode the constantly changing wave of innovation since the internet began.

Working within a well-defined process, we distil the qualities that separate a brand from its competitors and communicate its personality and values through all aspects of its brand journey.

‘A successful brand is one we trust – it conveys values that reassure us about our choice’.

Walter Landor

Brand storytelling isn’t a new concept. Marketers have been telling brand stories through advertising and in-person brand experiences for years.

Today, with the explosive growth of social media and content marketing, the opportunities to tell stories as part of direct and indirect brand marketing initiatives have become a strategic priority.

Our combined expertise covers a diverse field of marketing disciplines, providing marketing strategies and plans, campaign management, social and digital, production and ongoing evaluation and reporting.

Brand Positioning

what your unique values are

what differentiates you

Brand Promise

the single most important thing that you promise to deliver every single time

Brand Personality

what your brand should be known for within and outside your organisation

Brand Story

add value to the brand – with the right tone of voice – and a clearly defined story

Brand Associations

logo, name, colours, fonts, tagline, website and more

Social Insights – Digital Strategy

The amazing growth of information technologies has put the tools required to collaborate, create value and compete at everybody’s fingertips.

Social Insights can help you understand unique characteristics, best practices and ongoing considerations for each digital medium – guiding you through set-up, optimisation and ongoing channel management to ensure all your digital marketing initiatives add value to your organisation.

Plan and Assess

First, you must define what you hope to achieve for your brand, product, or service.

Segment your target customers once you’ve assessed the brand’s current equity.

Customer segmentation allows marketers to connect social to all customer touchpoints and identify what motivates a brand’s core consumers in an omnichannel environment.

Develop your Brand Story

After you have assessed your current position and taken stock of consumer sentiment and perception, it’s time to formulate your message.

When formulating your message, ask yourself:

What is the story telling my target customer?

Why does my target customer care about this story?

What sort of emotions does my story evoke?

How does my story connect to the emotional needs of my target customer?

How will that story incite action for my brand, product, and service?

The resulting narrative enables the use of social channels as a means to convey a product, service, or brand’s benefits. Brand stories are what drive interactions with our customers.

Choose the Right Platforms

During the creation phase, you’ll decide what platforms and technology make sense to leverage in your digital strategy. It’s important to consider your audience’s age, geographic location, and lifestyle. As your target consumer base varies, the technologies and social networks you utilise to reach them will vary, too.

How do customers seek information about my product, service, or brand?

What social platforms do they favour?

What’s the purpose of the social platforms and technology we’ve chosen to use?

How do these mediums play into our mobile strategy?

What is going to differentiate me from my competitors?

Engage and Cultivate

To succeed, you will have to be consistent and realistic. 

Creating a consistent presence across major platforms ensures you are on track to meet the KPIs you set for yourself in the development phases.

Consistent execution includes the following steps:

Build an Engagement Timeline: Create calendars showing your brand’s marketing efforts across the channels you leverage in your marketing programs. Use it for benchmarks related to your digital strategy.

Brand Consistency is imperative.

Measure and Evaluate

To succeed, you must continually evaluate and alter your digital strategy based on the information you gain from your campaigns and digital initiatives.

As marketers, we must measure everything.

We need to utilise social listening tools to get insights into campaign performance, variances in brand health, and language cues indicative of purchase intent and overall brand performance.

Continually evaluating your strategy will ensure future effectiveness in your digital marketing efforts.