Our Social Media Checklist 

We still see companies that jump into social media without a clear plan. 

So where do you start? 

It’s important to establish that social media is not a ‘quick-fix’ strategy; it’s a fundamental shift in how companies and organisations now relate to their audiences. 

I always work through this checklist when I first sit down with clients. 

What are the Social Media outcomes you expect? 

Social Media can… 

  • aid in Branding & build awareness 
  • build a community around brands & organisations
  • extend customer service
  • drive leads & sales
  • enhance/protect your reputation 
  • and lead to opportunities like product development. 

 Ask yourself if there is a clearly defined brand strategy that will resonate with your audience? 

And how will we integrate social media with other brand/marketing strategies? 

Start with gaining audience intelligence: 

  • How much do you know about your audience? 
  • What can your current data tell you? 
  • Where does your audience congregate? 
  • What conversations are already happening around your brand? 
  • Who are the influencers? 
  • What are your competitors doing? 

You’ll be amazed at the insights you’ll glean when you take the time to listen to the conversation. 

Think strategy before tools: 

  • Search strategy, content strategy as well social strategy
  • How do you plan to integrate social with other activities? 
  • Who are the key stakeholders that need to be involved? 

While you’re finding out about your audience: 

  • develop your Social Media Policy, 
  • conduct a digital audit, 
  • assess your social media capacity/resources 
  • agree on a process to manage the function, 
  • establish staff guidelines, training & support 
  • set Community Management guidelines. 

Review your website: 

  • optimise your landing pages for SEO & social sharing 
  • QA your website ‘infrastructure.’ 
  • and review your website’ community functionality.’ 

Engage your audience: 

  • embrace consumer empowerment 
  • set social media objectives & KPIs 

It’s important to build relationships, not campaigns. 

Remember to leverage your employee’s participation.

Establish a Brand Maintenance Program: 

  • monitor conversations, identify influencers, manage critics 
  • identify trends and track metrics against agreed KPIs 

Agree on how you will measure success. 

If you want to discuss how social media can work for your business, we’d love to hear from you at Social Insights.

Social media checklist
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