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How do you get found on the web?

• 80% of visitors to a website begin by typing keywords in the query box of a search engine

• 42% click on the website in the #1 position on the search page

• 90% click a website on the first page

• 92.6% of Worldwide search and 94.00% of Australian search is via Google

Google Search is heading to a deeper analysis of a site’s perceived value to users, authorshipstructured data, and social signals. 

At the core of this is the need to develop a sound content strategy.

Content that will engage or entertain your audience, build your reputation and put you ahead of the competition….content that Google approves of, that doesn’t try to manipulate the Google ecosystem.

Cookie Technology – it’s all changing.

Adblockers and major browsers blocking third party cookies are having a dramatic impact in the marketplace. If personalized targeting goes, then what’s left is contextual. Contextual targeting, in the PPC world, is a process that selects ad placements in the Display Network based on keywords, topics and other factors.

It’s all about the user…

  • develop high-quality content
  • become an authority in your space
  • engage with your audience via social media

Social Insights undertakes a broad range of promotional briefs for clients – Branding, Website development, SEO, Search campaigns and Social Media Marketing.